I invite you to explore

Deeper Connection

Is it possible for us to live with one another consciously, operating out of
love and higher purpose, to support all living beings including the oceans
and the earth as we evolve into a joyful life.

I believe our potential to thrive as a species is dependent on our ability to expand into a more caring and cohesive consciousness. I am dedicated to creating relationships of deeper meaning with myself, others, our oceans and our world. I am committed to integrity, authenticity and connection and I invite you to join me, exploring together how we might create more love and joy for ourselves and our planet.
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What will you get from me?


I was never taught to have deep connection with others. But the truth is I have spent a lifetime seeking just that. After raising three sons and having had countless conversations, I believe many men want the same thing. My journey has opened me to more love, connection and happiness than I ever thought possible. I invite you join me in exploring, committing and creating actions that bring deep connection and meaning with those in your life.

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We Protect What We Love

Few connections are as important to me as the relationship I have with my sons. I continue to learn and practice integrity, intimacy and vulnerability with them and grow in my capacity to love.

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Video Production Services

If you have a desire to tell your personal or business story in a new and vibrant way, consider collaborating with Joe and utilizing his video production services. Explore the various ways Joe’s creativity can help you connect more deeply with your audience. View the video to hear and see his storytelling magic and determine if his work resonates with you.
The Speaker - Talk Story

The Speaker – Talk Story

Learn how to engage Joe as a speaker for your event. Joe's speaking topics include explorations of our oceans - their survival and our survival, how to create a conscious business of heart, near death experiences and how the message to "slow down" can result in greater meaning.. Joe will not only captivate but open audiences to reflect how they might live more fulfilling and joyous lives.
The Consultant - Businesses of Heart

The Consultant – Businesses of Heart

Joe built a multi-million dollar business with his two best friends and he is available to not only share how he did it but how you might open yourself up to a different way of "heart" to expand your business and bring about more happiness, reward and success for you, your employees and customers. See if his message resonates and determine if engaging him is of interest to you.



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I travel the world and film the beauty under the oceans and am here to report they face extremely serious difficulties and need our help. I use my film, writing and speaking skills to highlight in simple terms, the issues, ramifications and solutions we all can do, to empower ourselves. In doing so, we stand a chance of restoring our planet, rather than feeling overwhelmed, helpless or hopeless.